How to earn Gems on Duolingo

by Mike

If you want to earn Gems on the language learning app Duolingo, you can do so easily. In this article you can read what you need to know about earning Gems.

Earning Gems at Duolingo: this is how it’s done

If you use the Duolingo app, you’ve probably heard of the virtual currency called Gems. We have summarised for you how you can earn them.

  • Gems are a virtual currency that you have as an iOS and Android user at Duolingo. You receive these after various activities in the app.
  • You can earn Gems when you complete a lesson on Duolingo. In addition, you usually earn Gems when you reach your XP daily goal.
  • You can use the Gems you earn to make purchases in the App Shop. There you will see how many Gems you have.
  • In the shop, you can use the Gems for app functions. These include freezing your streak, refilling hearts, for example, but also streak betting, duo outfits and bonus abilities such as flirting or proverbs.

Brief overview: What you need to know about Duolingo

We have put together a short overview for you that shows you what the app is used for:

  • Duolingo is an app that allows you to learn languages. The learning process is divided into lessons that you have to complete to unlock new levels.
  • The aim of Duolingo is to offer lessons suitable for your personal language level. The aim is for you to learn bit by bit so that you can use the language in everyday communication.
  • The motivation to learn is maintained through various challenges and features in the app. This way, learning does not seem one-sided and boring, but can even be a lot of fun.

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