Amazon Hotline: How to reach customer service

by Pramith

You can also reach Amazon customer service via the telephone hotline. Here you will be helped with problems and concerns about Amazon, orders or Amazon Prime.

These are the Amazon customer hotlines

Amazon offers free hotlines for customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to chat bots, keyword searches, FAQs and other help articles, you can also call the company for help in this way. You should know the following telephone numbers:

  • Free from Germany: 0800-36 38 469, for Kindle enquiries: 0800-589 00 67
  • Free from Austria: 0800-88 66 32 38, for Kindle enquiries: 0800-88 66 32 39
  • Free from Switzerland: 0800-74 00 20, for Kindle enquiries: 0800-74 00 21
  • For other countries there is a chargeable number +49 941-78 87 88, for Kindle enquiries +49 89-220 610 41. The charges for calling from abroad depend on your telephone provider.
  • Having problems logging in? We’ll show you all the information you need about Amazon Login in another practical tip.
  • Nervous hotline waiting loops can be avoided with an ingenious trick.

Special for Amazon customers: The callback service

It’s even easier when you use the Amazon callback service. The advantage: You can refer directly to the order or the subject area about which you have questions in advance and will be connected to the responsible employee.

  • On the Amazon home page, click on “My Account” in the top right menu.
  • Then click on the “Help” box.
  • Click on one of the boxes, for example “Questions before placing an order”. On the next page, click “Place an order”.
  • You will be redirected to another page again. Here you click on the button “I need more help”.
  • On the following page, next to the “Chat now” button, you will find the option to call back. Click on “Request call now”.
  • Then enter the phone number where you can be reached and click on “Call now”.

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